You can make totally free calls to India. Learn how.

Do you have free minutes to call within the EU with your phone operator? If your phone tariff plan includes free EU calls then you can also call for free to India. Just call our access number in Finland (EU) and dial through to India! It's so easy:

  • Call our EU access number: +358 272 48909
  • Listen to the greeting
  • Dial the phone number in India and press hash / pound:

    for example:
    0091 22 1234 5678#

    (only press the hash / pound key after the Indian phone number, nothing else)



Try totally free calls to India!

Free calls are a great thing and are normal these days in Europe. Many phone operators offer free minutes to call. Also many operators offer free minutes to call within the EU. Just ask your operator.

If you can call for free or for low rates within the EU and have friends in India then our dial-through service is super attractive for you. Simply call our access number in Finland, a beautiful country in the EU, and then dial through to India at no extra costs. Try and enjoy.

In short: It always makes sense to use our service when your call tariff to India is higher than calling to the EU. By calling to India via our EU access number you only pay the EU tariff.